Cyborg manifesto

Donna Haraway, som är en feminist med intresse för sci-fi:ns roll som feministisk strategi (!) och som har skrivit Cyborg manifesto, kommer till Uppsala nu på tisdag. Det är gratis och det är ju soft. Såhär beskrivs föreläsningen:

This lecture begins with art activism projects that involve the co-participation of critters of different species, situated in complex historical worlds. Urban racing pigeons and their people and technologies will loft us into the first encounters with the pressing questions of how to rebuild flourishing living and dying in concrete, fleshy ways after (and in the ongoing grip of) the disasters of genocides, environmental destruction and its unevenly distributed suffering, and rampant killing of kinds as well as individuals. “Staying with the Trouble” insists on working, playing, and thinking in multispecies cosmopolitics in the face of the killing of entire ways of being on earth that characterize the age cunningly called “now” and the place called “here.” Working homing pigeons will lead us into needed knots of SF—string figures, science fiction, speculative fabulation, speculative feminism, so far.

Den där beskrivningen kan en ju klura på bäst en vill, men föreläsningen kan nog bli intressant.



P.S. Mäktig bild!


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